There Are Some Great Murals at TSU! Second Day of Survey Underway

So, first off, the whole motivation for the hoopla over the murals at TSU was because a couple of great, historical murals got painted out. I’ll actually be testing those murals (white walls) tomorrow to see if they can be uncovered and how much it will cost. I’ll report on that, with photos, tomorrow. Here’s what the walls look like now…

Murals were painted out here 6 months ago

"What murals? Where?"

I’ve been on campus now for my second day looking at over 100 murals by past students and faculty from over the last 50 + years… and damn! There are some great murals/paintings. Of course there is some student stuff that was done just to get a grade. But there are lots that are very good. And I’m going to show you a bunch of them! In fact, I’m so excited about what I’m seeing, I’m going to make a little video and post it later. Of course, if you are acquainted with Texas Southern University, you’ll know its all art from African Americans (I presume). Most certainly, most all subjects reflect that bias.

TSU MuralsMy purpose, as I have written before, is to determine the condition of all the murals on campus and help the University Museum set priorities for taking care of the collection in the future. Lots of them are in really bad shape. I’ve got “upper level” meetings tomorrow to discuss progress.

Stay tuned. More info to come. Hey! You might be interested to know that I have been using a special black light to help see details that have ether been obliterated or have aged into “invisibility.” For more info, go and click in the navigation bar “UV Blacklight” Here’s a photo of a signature that was totally invisible and it popped right out …

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