TSU Mural Art Conservation Survey Completed- Surprising Results

The mural conservation survey to inventory the murals and review their art conservation, preservation and art restoration needs was completed and reported on the week ending on February 4th. But there’s a surprising twist! The inventory estimate count had been 168 murals in prior years but only 123 showed up in this survey! So, how do you loose a mural?! Well, yes, murals can be painted out but that’s not the case here for 45 missing murals!

This was not the first time that a count was made of the murals but previously the good faith effort was made by students under the direction of faculty. Many of the murals are made up of multiple panels or sections and apparently got inventoried as separate works of art…. hence the discrepancy.

Now that the survey is done, the results will be [resented to a "Mural Task Force" organized with experts from outside of the TSU campus, to discuss the results and plan for the future. Stay tuned! I'm giving a presentation to the Mural Task Force on February 23rd.

TSU Murals Flaking

TSU's Mural of Flaking Jazz Musicians

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