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Progress with Art Conservation Mural Survey Forms

1 of 123 murals at TSU

Just a note that we are full steam ahead (isn’t there a more updated technological saying for this?) in planning the survey forms and designing the inventory software for the TSU mural survey that will start in a week. We’re batting back and forth the proposed forms today.

Leave comments! Suggestions about how we should list priorities? Remember, two were painted out…

Keep updated at www.tsumurals.org

Other mural project coming to a close at www.fineartconservationlab.com/la-produce-market-murals

On www.tipsforartcollectors.org, check out the “Museum Wax” tab in the Navigation bar if you are a collector of figurines, ceramics etc

Check out the essential info for art collectors at tab “UV Blacklight”, same blog site.


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