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Planning Art Conservation Priorities for the Collection Survey of the Murals – Help Us!

So, as you’ve been told, Texas Southern University (TSU) has contracted with Scott Haskins and FACL, Inc. to do a survey of the 168 murals on campus. Even without really getting into the project, there has already been significant progress by TSU admin. by turning the care of the murals over to the art museum and counting the murals as part of the art collection. Previously they were just ignored, mostly “cared” for by facilities (like painting one out – tongue in cheek).

We’re in the planning stages right now with Monica Vidal, the TSU Art Museum’s new Registrar, to design the survey and software for the inventory. We are defining the categories for how we want to prioritize the murals when they are inspected. Obviously, one of the ways to set priorities is to consider their state of conservation (condition). Here are some categories we came up with for the Priority Scale:

0- No action needed
1- Stable but treatments for aesthetic improvements needed
2- Protective measures required
3- Some conservation treatments required
4- Extensive non emergency conservation treatments required
5- Emergency/immediate conservation treatments required

Of course there are other reasons why a mural might be a priority: political reasons, donor driven decision, work should be included in a building renovation etc.

What do you think? Leave a comment that gives us a good idea and we MAY take you up on your suggestion and include it in the survey and museum records! If we don’t include your idea in the survey, no hard feelings!? It could be for logistics and not because it wasn’t a good idea…. but leave a comment anyway. You idea WILL make it way to the collection management.

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Murals at TSU

Detail of mural at Texas Southern University


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