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Mural Task Force

The fact that Texas Southern University’s Mural Task Force had been organized to coordinate efforts for the art conservation, restoration of the murals,and was active caught, me by surprise when I first heard about it! I’m still in awe. Wow, that’s what I consider to be a solid interest and being proactive in moving forward with the issues of mural preservation on campus.

The Mural Task Force is a committee of 20 people from other institutions and organization that have volunteered and are interested in this effort. Among the members of this committee are their congresswoman and reps from the Houston Museum of Fine Art. It doesn’t sound like this is a light weight group!

I suppose they’ve been waiting for me to arrive on the scene, do the survey and formulate the statistics. In the last post, you’ll see that I completed the survey of the conditions of the 123 murals last Feb. 4th. Once I report to the committee, then we’ll discuss a plan, I suppose. Fundraising will be on the agenda, I suppose.

I’m flying out to Houston today to have a meeting with the University President tomorrow morning and the meeting with the Mural Task Force in the afternoon. There will definately be something to blog about afterwards so stay tuned!

FACL, Inc.

A Stairwell mural... one of my favorites


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